Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Long-Gone Time

Hey, is anyone still here?

There's a lot of dust on the Monkey Grip blog, but I'm dusting it off right now.

If you're reading this, you might be on Blogger, or you might be on the Monkey Grip ReverbNation page, or you might be on my own ReverbNation page. And it's the two latter items that I want to address. I've been completely uninvolved with my own ReverbNation page (it was completely blank), and pretty darn close to uninvolved with the Monkey Grip ReverbNation page. I think it's time for that to change, so I'm going to make an effort to get stuff going on my own page, and to pitch in on the Monkey Grip page. My Monkey-Partner Scott Kuchler has been responsible for pretty much everything on the Grip's page for the last few years, and he's done a fine job. But especially since I've been lax on the main Monkey Grip site (I need to redo it, frankly, and someday I hope to get to that), the least I can do is pitch in somewhat.

I figure I'll post things that are relevant to both on both pages, and then additionally add other stuff to my own page--ideas, demos, thoughts, and little things that aren't related to Monkey Grip or have yet to be brought into Monkey Grip world. Sort of like Scott has going on with some of his other creative ventures like here, here, or here. Hey, it's all one big network of us as artists and friends, so I encourage everyone to check it all out.

As for me, I have a bunch of pictures—mostly current-ish, but with some golden-oldies from back in the day—that I plan to post on my page. If only ReverbNation had a way to upload MULTIPLE pictures in one shot. What a pain in the butt doing them one-by-one. I would have had about 40 up already, but as of now I have... one.

Follow me, follow us... Let me know you're there and reading and I'll be more motivate to keep up with this stuff.

P.S. -> You probably didn't get the pun of the title of this blog. That's not a garbled attempt at channeling David Crosby, but, rather, a song of mine we do in Monkey Grip with a similar title; and you know damn well there's no way I could ever write chords like those you hear in "Guinnevere,"so I doubt anyone will confuse us.  Still, if you knew the song reference, you rule. 

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